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For all questions that are primarily about comments - both on mainsite and on Meta. (If a more relevant/appropriate tag exists, it may be used alongside or instead of this one.)

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How are comments removed when they are no longer relevant?

I see that a comment can be flagged but I take that as a function for comments that are offensive in some way. In cases where a comment is not relevant because the question/answer has morphed in to ...
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Why are site comments being deleted?

Some site users have noticed old comments being deleted. This is correct - site comments are meant to be a mostly temporary means of improving questions and answers. Here's an explanation of the ...
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How to contact a user?

I'd like to thanks one user for some changes he made to one of my question, how can I do it? I've done it trough the comments, but I'm not sure he will get my answer, am I wrong?
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Can we require comments on downvotes?

Perhaps I'm the only one noticing this, but I've seen several Questions and Answers around here that have been downvoted for no apparent reason. What's worse, is that no reason for the downvote is ...
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Confused about "Adding Comments"

Over in This Thread I posted a response that really should have been a comment. However I don't see the option to add a comment to the question. In fact the only place I have the ability to add ...
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Can we get notifications of answers to our comments?

Often I will leave a comment on an answer that is a question waiting for an answer. For example, I might ask an answerer to clarify their answer before I will consider voting it up (or down). However,...
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