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Win cool site swag with our birthday party!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RPG! To celebrate this momentous occasion, your moderator team and I have put together a fun contest! Rules This contest will run from 29 April 2013 to 31 May 2013. At the end of the ...
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Prestige Class Contest Proposal

After observing and participating in some discussions between @KRyan and other posters, I've come to believe that the Stackexchange format is superb for hosting constests whose winners are resolved ...
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One year anniversary contest?

So, we've been invited, by the powers that be, to celebrate a one year anniversary with a contest. While other sites have had contests for "best user" and "unanswered question cleanup" ... we have 4 ...
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Question Contest Ideas?

As most of you meta-heads know, RPG.SE does pretty well in terms of visits, and we're excellent about answering questions. What we've always been a little weak on is the volume of questions. Many ...
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