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Quoting paid sourcebooks - copyright infringement?

Previously I have been told that it's ok to quote paid sourcebooks, even whole paragraphs. However today a mod edited my post to remove content that potentially violated copyright. I made an answer to ...
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GIFs, pictures and Copyright

Recently we had a question that uses a gif to describe what happens when a caster acts. The gif was made from an excerpt from Dragonball, and I don't see how it is fair use. In fact, none of the fair ...
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How are we defining Fair Use Images with respect to the function of the Stack?

I just had an answer deleted for a possible copyright violation, and I happen to disagree with that reasoning because of the function of the Stack (I don't care about the deletion, the answer isn't ...
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If I posted a homebrew feature on this site, and plan to publish it (after revising based on feedback), what credits am I required to give?

I have not found any information about this on the website, but if I missed something blatant, please tell me. I have posted numerous homebrew features on this website , and I have used advice gotten ...
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Can we quote parts of novels in our questions and answers?

I recently answered this RPG.SE question: Who is pictured on the cover of Dragonlance Adventures? I quoted some parts of the novel as support for my answer. I was wondering if we are allowed to quote ...
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Should we refrain from posting answers which rely on unreleased content?

Today is the day of the Tasha's Cauldron of Everything release. Answers quoting its content starting showing up yesterday. Since it is here now, obviously this question does not apply to Tasha's ...
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Trying to contact a user for permission to print an answer in a book

I apologize in advance for breaking protocol. I'm just looking to get an official okay on rewriting and publishing Red Orca's answer in this thread in an upcoming book about Magic Items. I looked for ...
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What's the proper way to address possible copyright infringement in posts?

I was wondering, because I see this happening especially often on this Stack site. Most recently I made the poster of this answer aware that by the License Blizzard is granting for their materials, ...
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Can I include a screenshot of a diagram to support my answer?

I recently answered a question where the best support I could find is in a diagram presented in the beginners rules. I attempted to translate the diagram to the best of my ability but it isn't as ...
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How should this question about content in a site that includes piracy be handled?

It is well known that we do not condone piracy and usually the way to handle links to pirated sources is to replace them with corresponding legal ones. A question asked today, Is the fencer subclass ...
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Is there any reason why quoting a D&D 5e spell in its entirety would not qualify as "fair use"?

One of the Site Mods has an issue with this question I asked about a specific spell. They have stated that it is not right to quote the whole spell due to "fair use". I disagree and feel that ...
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D&D 5th Edition Wikia - favicon

Has anyone else noticed - the favicon for D&D 5th Edition Wikia looks to be copied from this meta SE. Is there a reason for this? Does anyone here care? I suppose it looks like it's not exactly ...
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Illustrations in questions and answers—legit or not?

This question about repeated images in various editions of the Dungeon Master's Guide has this answer that's good (and probably right) but that would be vastly improved were it to include the actual ...
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What is the policy on linking to non-official sites?

This question references, which is not an official WoTC and property and has even been temporarily shut down by them in the past. What is the policy on these references?
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Is recommending an online character generator ok?

Sometimes, I want to link to some online character or NPC generators. However, I know that some of the online resources, especially spell lists, are actually copyright violations. Are these online ...
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3 answers

What's our stance on Piracy?

Related: What's our policy with answers advocating piracy (accidentally or not)? Links to "D&D Tools" / and similar sites So, I posted the question Why do Crawford'...
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4 votes
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Links to [duplicate]

On the same vein of the question about dndtools. too have complete description of non-OGL item. This time the scope of use is way smaller, we have only 39 istances where the site is ...
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Should we be including a whole copyrighted stat block?

How many level 20 PCs with Tiamat (CR 30) on their side would treat Asmodeus (CR 40) as a Hard encounter? reproduces the stat block for Tiamat in its entirety. That struck me as reproducing rather ...
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Is it OK to downvote for “low effort” when the only way to answer quickly is piracy?

My question was downvoted, with a comment ...
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Avoid just copying text into the tag wikis

Our tag wikis are best when they have informative descriptions and excerpts. However, we have a low-grade but ongoing problem with copyrighted material being copied and pasted into our tag wikis. ...
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Can non-open-license rules be discussed, or not?

Context This is in relation to this question here: Is there a limit to how much stuff you can carry? And in particular this comment from a mod: [...] Age of Rebellion is not open licensed and ...
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What's our policy with answers advocating piracy (accidentally or not)?

In my question about legal 5e PDF's, it has, more than once, attracted answers advocating piracy or even linking to pirated versions of these PDF's. Is our policy just to downvote and move on, or ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Whose Law do we follow?

Whose copyright rules do we abide by here? Wikipedia's list of parties to international copyright treaties outlines five major international copyright treaties, which apply in various combinations to ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Should there be a tag for legal/copyright-related questions?

I almost created a tag for legal or copyright issues when making the question What guides and resources exist for creating custom classes in Dungeon World?, but held off because I figured it was ...
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Copying Potentially Copyrighted Images

How do spells work in D&D Essentials Starter kit? I've seen some answers rolled back because the copyright wasn't owned. Ultimately all one would do to go around this example, though, would be to ...
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How would I cite a question or answer on RPG.SE as a source? Does this site fall under fair use?

I have a gig as a web writer. While I've done what I can to make sure I write about content I'm not presently reading about here, it's inevitable that my time here will influence what I write. While I ...
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Are the Pathfinder published materials safe to reference in RPG Main questions/answers?

This question touches on the OGL, but talks more about WotC (dnd3.5e) and CC vs. OGL conflict. Some places I've looked into regarding this: Paizo Community Use Policy - linked to by Pathfinder_OGC ...
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Links to "D&D Tools" / dndtools and similar sites

I've noticed lots of links to lately. That site seems to have verbatim text from a lot of non-OGL D&D stuff. Obviously, that's really useful as a reference! But the site itself is ...
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What constitutes copyright infringement?

Looking at the question on teleportation, there is this answer that appears to quote a body of text from PHB3. I don't actually own that book, so I couldn't check it out. But that got me thinking ...
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