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For questions about deleted answers, especially on the Role Playing Games Stack Exchange mainsite (but potentially on Meta as well). This covers both general policies/practices surrounding deleted answers and issues relating to specific deleted answers.

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Can we get a custom "suspected AI abuse" deletion reason in review queues?

Recently we decisively decided to ban ChatGPT. It would be welcome to indicate to other users in the review queues that we suspect AI-Chatbot abuse using a template comment.
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15 votes
4 answers

Should we delete this -17 answer that appears as an answer snippet in google search?

When I google "can you counterspell a counterspell", google returns an answer snippet from the site: Unfortunately, this snippet comes from this answer, which has a score of -17 at the ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Let us discuss the reasons that play a role when evaluating to vote for deleting a low-quality answer

Let us discuss the reasons that play a role when evaluating to vote for deleting a low-quality answer. Deleting answers perceived as low-quality is a contentious topic, and many cases aren't as clear-...
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2 votes
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Should a closed question lock out users from undeleting (and/or editing) their existing answers?

Recently, I voted to keep a question open, believing that it was answerable and valid in its current form. I then answered the question, by posting a terse and incomplete answer, deleting it, and then ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Is it okay to post a non-answer and then delete it if I intend to come back later and write an actual answer?

I've observed a few cases of users posting a non-answer on a question and then deleting the answer, usually leaving a note in the answer text about how they will come back later and write an actual ...
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Can we have an Opinion deletion reason?

Answers are supposed to provide references, or at least arguments supporting their view. However, with some low quality posts like the one below, the issue is that someone just provides some statement ...
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23 votes
6 answers

Does this answer about towns protecting themselves against dragons really need to be deleted?

A new user recently left this answer to How did towns mundanely protect themselves against Dragons or bring them to the ground?. The answer is currently deleted so is only visible to 10k users. ...
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Why do my answers and comments keep getting shut down because I say "thank you"?

Every time I post an answer to my question or someone makes a small suggestion I respond and then I say something along the lines of "Thanks" or "Thank you". This ends up in my ...
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2 answers

Please undelete my answer regarding the worthlessness of high school friendships

So, I posted an answer to this question, which has now been closed, and when I logged on today, I saw that my answer was, for some reason, deleted. Users with the required rep can see the language. ...
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Why was my answer to a question about the naming of oozes deemed "not an answer"?

I recently answered the question What's the difference between a jelly, a pudding, and other oozes? by saying that there is no answer to discover. However, my answer was deleted. That's fine in ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Why was this answer to the question "Can a player choose to fail a spell's ability check contest?" deleted?

The question Can a player choose to fail a spell's ability check contest? has a deleted answer. For users without 10k rep, here's a screenshot of the answer: While the post score is very negative,...
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8 votes
2 answers

Improvement on Deleted Answers Help Page - deletion due to policies

Deleted answers help page starts with the sentence: Answers that do not fundamentally answer the question may be removed. And goes on to give examples of non-answer answers. Yet, deletion can ...
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14 votes
3 answers

The best answer to my question was deleted by its owner; what do I do?

The best answer on my recent question was deleted by its owner. It raises many of the issues that were the reason I asked the question and doesn't appear to have any major issues to be a cause for ...
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4 votes
4 answers

What warranted multiple downvotes and a delete vote here?

In D&D, how do you find attack bonus for weapons? Okay, clearly not a 100 score answer -- I don't own the books (certainly wouldn't have them with me at work even if I did). Is it a clear no-no, ...
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15 votes
1 answer

When should I vote to undelete an answer?

I recently crossed the rep threshold to gain the trusted user privilege. The FAQ is very clear about the deleting and editing privileges... but not the undeleting privilege. When should I vote to ...
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4 votes
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Should I delete an answer that becomes irrelevant after the question is edited? [duplicate]

For example, this answer (which I've deleted) to What happens when you cast Fog Cloud behind a wall?, but this isn't the only case. The question originally asked about Create Bonfire, not Fog Cloud - ...
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Partial answer deleted as not an answer re: Medieval law and a tabletop role-playing game

In the following question: Does Common Law apply to Nobles? The OP asks about applying a certain section of medieval law to the Warhammer Fantasy setting. I understood this to be a question about ...
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8 votes
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Why was my answer deleted?

My reply was in answer to this question about 'How to make players settle differences IC? I posted my answer, got a comment from SevenSidedDie, replied to it, then he replied and deleted my answer in ...
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Should I delete an answer I posted too soon before knowing the question was a duplicate? [duplicate]

I ninja-answered the question Can one still deal Non-Lethal Damage if they trigger the Automatic Kill feature? with an answer right before it got closed due to being a duplicate, because I didn't ...
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22 votes
5 answers

Are we comfortable with our current position on deleting general answers to system specific questions?

So this has come up a few times now, with different systems. Most recently the main issue has been with Dungeon World questions. We've had a rash of these, with answers from people that know nothing ...
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18 votes
2 answers

What should be done when there is an incorrect common answer that keeps getting deleted when the answerer realizes their mistake?

For a mild example of what I'm talking about, see this 5e question. There have now been three answers (two deleted, one (currently) undeleted) pointing out that by 5th level, a Fiend patron warlock ...
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9 votes
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Why isn't it possible to delete an accepted answer?

I answered this question quite some time ago with a link that was useful to the asker at the time, but has since decayed (error 404). At the time, my answer was accepted, but it is now completely ...
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