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For meta questions specifically about Dungeons & Dragons. This tag should ideally be used only when the question concerns D&D as a whole (or editions thereof), not simply on any meta question related to a specific mainsite question about D&D. (See also: the [dnd-5e] tag on Meta.)

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Do we need a separate tag for D&D 5e 2024?

Wizards of the Coast is releasing a replacement Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual for its Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition system, labeling them the 2024 Core Rulebooks....
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I tried to stay D&D question neutral last year, how did I do?

I made a claim in chat roughly a year ago: I'm staying dnd-5e neutral this year, and I've just posted my first question, and made sure to ask a non-dnd-5e question :D1 And I'd like to reflect on how ...
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How should we handle changes to One D&D playtest rules that affect questions about previous playtest materials?

At the time of posting, Wizards of the Coast has just released the second One D&D Playtest Unearthed Arcana. It is not surprising that many rules appearing in the first article, Character Origins, ...
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What did we learn during the D&D Next playtest that should inform how we approach the One D&D playtest?

The next generation of D&D is finally peaking above the horizon with the announcement of One D&D, including the release of the first of many playtest resources. Playtest content, especially ...
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Do we need a new tag for the "D20-test" terminology?

The new playtest material introduced the new terminology "D20 test", which encompasses attack rolls, saving throws and ability checks. This question asks for all rolls that do not fall under ...
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Should there be a separate tag for One D&D?

Yesterday, Wizards of the Coast announced the playtest material for its next iteration of D&D, codenamed One D&D. Later that day, they released the first Unearthed Arcana document with part of ...
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Should the Glyph of Warding questions get a spell-specific tag?

There is a general discussion if we want spell tags or not over here: Should we be tagging individual spells?, that concluded spell specific tags should be avoided in general. Wish and Simulacrum are ...
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WotC announced that a "new evolution" of D&D will be coming in 2024. Is it too soon to pose and answer questions about it?

WotC announced that a "new evolution" of D&D will be coming in 2024. Is it too soon to pose and answer questions about it? For instance, an answerable question might be, "What did ...
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Would asking for a comparison of 4e warlock pacts with 5e warlock patrons be primarily opinion-based?

I was planning on asking the following question: Does each warlock pact type from 4e have an equivalent in 5e? I know little of 4e, but am familiar with 5e. I know there are various types of pact in ...
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Have any D&D content authors ever been active on RPG.SE?

Today I find myself describing to a few friends why I really like the StackExchange network (recent corporate events notwithstanding). One of my reasons was that many sites on the network have experts ...
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Should we have a canonical "Can the Wish spell do X?" question? [2019]

We have a lot of questions about the spell Wish across various D&D editions, largely of the form, "I thought of X, can the Wish spell do that?" or "One of my players cast Wish and asked for X, can ...
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You can help new users identify their D&D edition!

As most of our established users have learned, we have a strict tagging policy requiring the asker to specify the game system when asking a question in most cases. In games with substantial changes ...
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Do D&D Lore Questions Need To Specify A Setting?

We have various folks who ask D&D lore questions, and they get forced to pick a setting in the same way we force people to choose a rules edition, or have their question closed. In the history of ...
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What do we do with questions about a different version of a spell but with the same D&D edition?

What do we do when a question asks about a particular D&D spell/feature/race/skill/etc that's been published twice in official D&D books? As far as I know, it's only happened here (but I have ...
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16 votes
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Has how we want to use our “pan-edition” D&D tag changed?

For questions that are scoped across any and all editions of D&D we have the tag dungeons-and-dragons for that (among its uses). Twice in three days I've noticed questions about monsters across D&...
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17 votes
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Can we do a mass update on old wizards links?

The link structure in the wizards site has changed. It has gone from too ...
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Could we make a viable "what edition of D&D are my books for" question?

Every now and then we get questions from someone who might not understand there's actually more than one edition of D&D, or they have rulebooks from two or three different editions — but ...
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Add tag warnings for [rules-as-written] and [dungeons-and-dragons]

Back in Should we add a [rules-as-written] tag warning, and what should it say? we came to a general agremeent on a couple of tag warnings for the site. This post is a feature request directed to ...
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Dungeons and Dragons is dominating the site in terms of page views

Yesterday, in a bit of boredom, I wandered upon SEDE and wrote this query (since corrected by doppelgreener) to see just how dominant is the Dungeons and Dragons scene on this site, using the metric ...
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Pathfinder & D&D 3.5 Tags

Whenever I see questions such as this there is a high possibility that there is going to be two answers in one, and that creates a dichotomy of which the answerer could be right with one and wrong ...
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