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For questions on meta about answers on RPG.SE that largely duplicate the content (in substance, if not literally) of other existing answers on the same questions, ultimately saying the same thing possibly in a slightly different way. (For issues involving duplicate questions or answers on them, use the [duplicates] tag instead.)

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Should this Extra Attack + Thirsting Blade question be closed as a duplicate?

The question Extra Attack & Eldritch Invocation Thirsting Blade was reopened after being closed as a dupe of Does this strict reading of the rules allow both Extra Attack and the Thirsting Blade ...
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What is the best way to deal with duplicate answers which reference each other?

We often see situations where answers incorporate parts of other answers trying to create complete answers. Here is an extreme example where 2 answers each contain half of the information, and both ...
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Should we give a reason why we are downvoting an answer [duplicate]

I was wondering if we should have a small dialog box which is opened when you wish to downvote a question or answer, I feel that if people put in the reasoning for the downvote the community will have ...
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7 votes
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How should near-duplicate answers be handled?

I have recently been down-voted on one of my answers and I suspect the user that down-voted it thinks I have copied content from the accepted answer, which could be a fine motive to down-vote. ...
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If an answer to question A can be found in question B, should we close A as duplicate of B?

Related: Non-duplicate question with answer in another question Should/can we change the Duplicate notification? Situation — there are two different questions Aq and Bq. Question Aq has a specific ...
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Is there anything that can be done about duplicate answer spam?

Some of our questions, especially good ones, draw a LOT of answers. Unfortunately, a lot of the time many of those answers make the same points over and over, often without introducing any new ...
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10 votes
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How to proceed with an answer that is ultimately the same as a previous answer?

I wrote an answer to a question, then after posting I realised that the actual answer I gave was precisely the same as the actual answer already given, so I deleted my answer, and upvoted the earlier ...
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Stop repeating answers, please

A certain kind of questions attract many answers which are essentially the same answer repeated in different words, or posted with different formatting, or expanded to include all sorts of only ...
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How should we deal with answers that are basically duplicates of existing answers to the same question?

I've been seeing a lot of answers to questions that are basically duplicates. There may be some nice variants, but it’s basically already been answered. How can we discourage this? How can we ...
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