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16 votes
2 answers

Getting a straight answer from questions filled with frame challenges

On the question How to create a villain for level 1 players, there are many great answers, however they are all frame challenges. They don't help someone who needs to actually create a conventional ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Is a "Frame Challenge" really only valid as an answer or can it be a comment as well?

The basis of a Frame Challenge is that a question might be more answerable if portions of it were different. You see this a lot with questions that may be XY problems, among other things. I've ...
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17 votes
4 answers

Is there an expression (or some expressions) we can use instead of "frame challenge"?

The concept of a frame challenge is fairly ubiquitous in our community, at least for meta users or those who've been around long enough to have seen it a few times. There's an issue here though: I'm ...
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44 votes
1 answer

What's a frame challenge?

So there's a ton of questions about how to present a frame challenge, or how not to frame challenge, and I've had people mention it on the comments on questions of mine in response to others' comments....
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Is it wrong Not to Frame Challenge?

In this question I spent some time in comments with @detly to refine and clarify his problem for a possible answer. With further clarification, I read the question again and had one of those ...
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56 votes
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How do we handle a desire to challenge the frame of a question?

Sometimes, someone asks a question that seems like it might suffer from the XY Problem (asking about your attempted solution instead of your actual problem) and you want to point that out. Or you ...
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