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For questions on meta about game recommendation questions. (NOTE: Game recommendation questions are no longer allowed on RPG.SE.)

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Are Game Recommendation Questions On Topic? [2015]

Game recommendation questions are sadly NOT on topic here on RPG.SE. This means the following kinds of questions are off topic: I want to play (details) kind of game/story. What game should I use to ...
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Are game recommendation questions on topic? [2011] [duplicate]

This Q&A is out of date - see the new answer (no) in Are Game Recommendation Questions On Topic, Revisited Many Stack Exchange sites, like the similar gaming.SE, do not allow game recommendation ...
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Community self-evaluation: How are we doing with game recommendations?

Our game recommendation guidelines are four years old this month. It's worth taking some time to reflect and review as a community how well they are working. What works well? What doesn't? Have they ...
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I want to ask for recommendations, but that's off topic. Is there any way to ask my question?

Recommendation questions have been off-topic since August 2015. If I need a recommendation, how can I get help now? Return to the FAQ Index
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What's so problematic about a recommendation question having potentially hundreds of answers, anyway?

This Q&A is out of date - game-recs are now off topic, see Are Game Recommendation Questions On Topic, Revisited We've recently had a couple of recommendation questions appear with requirements ...
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Has [system-recommendation] grown too big for its britches?

We occasionally get adventure/encounter/setting/campaign recommendation questions that are asking for a subjective evaluation, not just objectively-identifiable features. They're infrequent enough ...
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The policy change regarding game-rec questions needs review

A recent meta post about the efficacy of game-rec questions, which had the initial tone of "How are we doing with this question type?" became a tacit vote to ban the question type. This is ...
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Do the Game-Rec Guidelines apply to all of the kinds of recommendation questions?

Game recommendation applies to both the recommending of games and the recommending of products for games, such as tools. The recommending of game systems in particular is the basis for our game-...
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Permanent banner for game-recommendation tag

On every question (correctly) tagged with game-recommendation, somebody comes along and leaves a comment reminding answer's how to address the question properly. To make this more permanent than the ...
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What actually is a shopping question?

In the What makes my Pathfinder question off-topic, while the same 3.5e question is allowed to stay? discussion the problem turned out to be that some members treat my question as a shopping question. ...
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Can we add an adventure-recommendation tag?

I was looking through the published-adventure tags looking for some insights on modules to run. However I was getting a lot of questions that were just noise for me. I would like to propose adding ...
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Let's make [game-recommendation] actually be for recommendations of games

We should split game-recommendation up and make it just be for actual recommendations of games. This has come up before, but hear me out, because we only need to create one extra tag to offload all ...
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Game-rec and designer intent

Should citations of designer intent alone be sufficient for a valid answer to game-recommendation questions? That is, in the absence of any description of actual play experience?
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Two Answers - One Deleted - What's the difference?

My answer to this question was deleted. Another answer, similar to mine (no actual experience w/ Harry Potter setting, experience w/ campaign similar to the one described), remains. What's the ...
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Accepting an answer on a game-recommendation question

I've recently started a game-recommendation question and have received some very good suggestions from the community. I'm ready to try a few of them, but there's a more immediate problem that needs ...
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Voluntary banners for game-rec answers

I have an idea to improve our answers to game-recommendation questions, and I'm presenting it here as an optional, voluntary practice that community members might wish to adopt: voluntary banners at ...
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Allow the community to attach the game-rec post notice or tie it directly to the tag

So we have a post notice now for game-rec questions. That's great, there's just one problem. Only 3 people on this site are capable of applying it. This request is for one of two things, either: ...
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Is it good to use a Q&A to help other users discover a system?

I'm currently playing a campaign of the game "Wasteland : Terres Gâchées", a french RPG, and I was wondering how could I help people (mostly french, as there is for now no English version) know it, as ...
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Can we respond to a closed recommendation question by self-answering another question?

Recommendations of games that fit desired criteria are off topic at for established reasons (mostly: it breaks voting and everyone has an opinion they must add to the list). Earlier today a ...
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Appropriate Answers for System Recommendation Questions

I have been a little leery of responding to system recommendation questions for a while now. Per my understanding of the FAQ, I only respond to them when I know my recommendation will be a solid fit ...
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"Grim & gritty" in game recommendations

From What's a good system for a short adventure / one-shot in Westeros: The players should play lowborns, so grim and gritty rules would match my thoughts quite well What is required to ...
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