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Questions tagged [game-recommendation]

For questions on meta about game recommendation questions. (NOTE: Game recommendation questions are no longer allowed on RPG.SE.)

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Are Game Recommendation Questions On Topic? [2015]

Game recommendation questions are sadly NOT on topic here on RPG.SE. This means the following kinds of questions are off topic: I want to play (details) kind of game/story. What game should I use to ...
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Can we have a post notice for system-recommendation questions?

RPG has long allowed system-recommendation questions under fairly tight tight rules, and every time they pop up the mods are posting a general comment like the following: Just a note folks, ...
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Allow the community to attach the game-rec post notice or tie it directly to the tag

So we have a post notice now for game-rec questions. That's great, there's just one problem. Only 3 people on this site are capable of applying it. This request is for one of two things, either: ...
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