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6 votes
1 answer

What is the most efficient way to flag to remove a post from the HNQ?

I enjoy reading HNQ posts on my sidebar, but now and then, I spot questionable content I'd like to see removed. How do I go about that most efficiently?
4 votes
1 answer

Meta Image not on meta question?

I just noticed that the featured question doesn't have the RPG.SE meta symbol, what's up with that? To append to this, the HNQ are also all jacked up:
16 votes
2 answers

When should a question be removed from the Hot Network Questions List?

As it has been announced on the main meta, diamond moderators now have the ability to remove questions from the Hot Network Questions List. Since the policy on what to remove seems to be on a per-...
12 votes
4 answers

Can we add the feed of Hot Network Questions to the chat feed?

I think that added HNQs to the chat feed will be useful information to have now that there is an official way to determine and indicate this with the recent HNQ update. This will raise awareness of ...
26 votes
6 answers

Does RPG Stack Exchange want to opt out from Hot Network Questions?

What's this? The Hot Network Questions (HNQ) list is that list of random questions from random sites you'll see in the bottom of the sidebar on most site pages. It displays questions that have ...
15 votes
4 answers

What are RPG.SE's goals for Hot Network Questions?

Some recent controversy surrounding a decision involving Hot Network Questions has become a big featured question on MSE. This seems like it's eventually going to work towards a "better" version of ...