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Should RPG.SE enforce not enforcing a specific standard for handling gender pronouns?

This is a follow up to our standing guidance on pronoun use in Q&As around the site: Should RPG.SE enforce a specific standard for handling gender pronouns? The question asks: Should RPG.SE ...
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Is changing a gendered term to a non-gendered term a grammatical improvement? [duplicate]

PixelMaster's answer to this question about deferring level-ups went through a suggested edit review. Other than adding a hyphen (changing 'no go' to 'no-go'), every single proposed edit replaced the ...
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Inclusive language use

My question concerns this edit to an answer I wrote, but it's actually a more general question. In the answer, I wrote about "dads" owning or having access to computers in the 1990s. Someone ...
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Is a user responsible for removing language he or she finds offensive?

This question at the time of this writing includes the following sentence: "She's also an only child, so she's used to getting her way." While still present in the popular imagination, only child ...
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30 votes
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Should RPG.SE enforce a specific standard for handling gender pronouns?

In this question, a user repeatedly left comments suggesting 'correction' of gender pronouns in cases where the original text wasn't itself incorrect. These comments were later deleted by moderators. ...
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How to ask a question when you don't know the english name and references of a spell?

I have a question about a spell in Deadland Reloaded. But I'm french and every book I have about it are in french. I have hard time find the english translation of many point. Making it hard to ask ...
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8 votes
4 answers

SRD name vs book name

Someone asked a question about the D&D 3.5e spell Mage's Magnificent Mansion, which can be found under that name in the online SRD. An edit was then requested to change the name to Morkenkainen's ...
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Standardization of English, etc.

In a recent (otherwise quite solid) edit of “Will changing an artifact sword to another weapon type impact game balance much?”, @okeefe changed the British spelling “artefact” to the American spelling ...
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