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How are we defining Fair Use Images with respect to the function of the Stack?

I just had an answer deleted for a possible copyright violation, and I happen to disagree with that reasoning because of the function of the Stack (I don't care about the deletion, the answer isn't ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How should we handle questions about site legality?

This is a bit of sticky question because it concerns the scenario where it's unclear if a site is a pirated site or not. We clearly need to link to only non-pirated content, but when someone has a ...
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Should we have disclaimers for our legal answers?

We've had a number of different legal questions about RPG publication over the years, and by and large, I think the answers are pretty good. The problem is that most of us aren't copyright lawyers and ...
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We are not lawyers. Why do we allow law topics?

This is a site about Role-Playing Games. We are experts on Role-Playing Games. There is a sickening number of questions about law, that are only tangentially related to games, and they are being ...
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Should there be a tag for legal/copyright-related questions?

I almost created a tag for legal or copyright issues when making the question What guides and resources exist for creating custom classes in Dungeon World?, but held off because I figured it was ...
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