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For questions about "magic links", bracketed text in comments and chat that is automatically converted to relevant links.

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2 answers

Is there a quick way to link to the help center?

I learned from a meta post by HeyICanChan once that you can type [tour] in a comment and SE will convert that into a link to the tour page. Is there a similar way to link to the help center? It's ...
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How long has [tour] automatically linked to the tour page?

I was linking to the tour page as I usually do in Markdown (square brackets followed by parentheses) when I noticed that typing "[tour]" was linking to the tour page by itself and the link in ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Could we get a [forum] shortlink?

We get a lot of questions that are better suited to a forum, and it's customary when closing them to provide a link to that post. Since I've started doing moderation, though, I've noticed that we don'...
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Could we have a shortcut "magic link" to the "Good Subjective, Bad Subjective" blog post?

Mainly, just like we map [help] and [tour], I'd love to be able to map [gsbs] to the Stack Overflow blog post "Good Subjective, Bad Subjective" (
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11 votes
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Could we have a [tour] short link in comments?

In comments, [help] expands to the text help center (with a link), [chat] expands to the text Role-playing Games Chat (with a ...
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