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4 votes
1 answer

What's going on with \\[this sequence\\] invoking MathJax?

Exempt-Medic noticed in this answer that the following sequence invokes MathJax: \\[MathJax!\\] See it here in action: \[MathJax!\] Our configuration ever since our ...
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3 answers

Does using numerous   whitespace characters to center a line of text cause accessibility issues?

I'm quoting something that has a centered line of text in the source formatting (pg. 175 of the D&D 5e PHB). I initially used the MathJax display style environment $$ like so: Here’s how to ...
11 votes
1 answer

Should we turn on MathJax in comments?

We have MathJax turned on for posts, but not comments. We do get some math-heavy posts from time to time, which is why we have MathJax in posts, but we don't have it turned on for comments like they ...
12 votes
1 answer

MathJax guide for RPG.SE: How to format pretty tables and equations?

There are strong reasons to prefer Markdown tables to MathJax discussed in this meta, please take a look there before deciding to use MathJax tables on RPG.SE For a more exhaustive tutorial please ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Why does inline math require \ before $?

I just asked this question, but my inline math didn't work until I put a backslash before the dollar signs \$like so\$. Why is the backslash required? That isn't ...
4 votes
1 answer

How can we use bold/italics inside MathJax tables?

In this Q&A, it is shown that we can use MathJax to create tables (see this answer in particular). However, as I attempt to use it, I find myself unable to add the text formatting I wish to use. ...
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26 votes
4 answers

MathJax (\$\LaTeX\$ in posts) is live!

We have MathJax In this meta we discussed, requested, and gathered evidence for the utility of MathJax in RPG.SE posts. Now it's time to use MathJax For those familiar with LaTeX it will likely ...
23 votes
5 answers

MathJax (LaTeX equations) for RPG.SE and Statistics Posts

MathJax Support has been enabled for MathJax support has been added to We should probably write up a guide on Meta for using it, but in the short version is that you can use ...
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