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Questions tagged [moderation-strike]

For questions regarding the moderation and curation strike.

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8 votes
1 answer

What was the impact of the moderation strike on site activity?

During the last several weeks, as the strike was going on, it felt as if there was significantly less activity on the site, with several active contributors electing to not vote, edit, or Q&A. The ...
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13 votes
2 answers

How do our strike-participating community members feel about the moderation-strike negotiation results?

As of Monday, the call for a strike has ended, see the adjusted open letter and several organised groups are resuming operations: See the moderator poll on Discord, which voted to end the strike. See ...
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47 votes
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Stack Exchange general moderation and curation strike begins today (concluded as of August 7th)

As of today, community members and diamond moderators across the Stack Exchange network are commencing a general moderation strike in protest of bad policy and worse treatment from Stack Overflow, Inc ...
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