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For questions about the matter of question scope (e.g. whether a question is too broad or too narrow), particularly when the scope of a question changes.

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"Does It Break Anything" Questions

I've now seen enough examples of "does it break anything" questions regarding D&D 5e to ask about them in the general case. I don't think that they're bad questions, but I feel that they ...
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Is this question about alternatives to the word humanoid too broad or opinion-based, or is it well-scoped?

The question: Is there an alternative word to be used in place of Humanoid? At time of writing this meta, the question is on the verge of being reopened without modification after its initial closure ...
5 votes
1 answer

Should this question - about Extra Attack + Hunter ranger's Whirlwind Attack, and separately about Whirlwind Attack + Horde Breaker - be split in two?

The question Do the Hunter ranger's Extra Attack, Whirlwind Attack, and/or Horde Breaker features work together? seems to be asking 2 entirely separate questions in a single post: One aspect of ...
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2 answers

How should we handle this question that refers to information that's likely to change over time?

I'm curious specifically about the question What is the order in which published D&D 5e adventures should be played?, which listed the published D&D 5e adventures available at the time the ...
6 votes
1 answer

Should I narrow down this particular question about combat without opportunity attacks, or leave it as broad as it is?

Here's the question — How would combat work without opportunity attacks? It virtually asks "why games need opportunity attacks and what happens if we remove them". It was asked in context of D&D ...
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What kind of edits are acceptable to a question after an answer has been posted?

This post originates from this question, but is not about handling that question. I will summarize the transpired events for context. The question is about a specific rule and at its core about ...
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When a Question Changes Completely, Should it be a New Question?

I understand that at time questions are unclear, vague, or unanswerable in their original state and need to be edited. I also see the value in the questions changing so much that some of the answers ...
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3 answers

Is there a rule or guideline stating that each post should only ask a single question?

A mod said I should ask if there is a rule that says one single (arbitrarily defined) question per post. Too Broad does not mention it. Is it an actual rule somewhere or a guideline or what? And how ...
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When a Question changes, should answers change, too?

This question on OOC talk has changed significantly since it was originally asked and several answers given. When something like this happens, offering new information, is is best to edit an answer ...
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3 answers

Why'd my second question get removed when surely people would be thinking about both?

I get why the rule exists. However when I ask about how healing interactions happen in game, in a very specific format (D&D druid healing in wild shape, if it affects the normal form), those aren'...
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5 votes
2 answers

Should we edit multi-part questions to only favor one part?

Reference: Does natural armor stack with unarmored defense? In this question, there were initially two questions. The question was edited to wholesale remove the second one- but not by the initial ...
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What do we do with answers made obsolete by a question change?

There's a current case of an infrequent problem: Why is Donjon offline? Dakeyras's answer was a response to a question that was once there. It was made in good faith, and is a helpful answer. The ...