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For all questions that are primarily about questions - both on mainsite and on Meta. (If a more relevant/appropriate tag exists, it may be used alongside or instead of this one.)

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Why was my question closed as too broad, unclear, or opinion-based?

There are a good number of questions, especially from users new to the site, that get closed as too broad or opinion-based. This is a post we can link them to for more guidance than what comments can ...
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Is it possible to change a vote on an answer from the question being edited?

I down-voted This Answer, as at the time I felt that it didn't actually answer the question as it was asked. Now that the question has been edited, this answer is a valid answer and not deserving of ...
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This question about a problem from a player's perspective is not answered by the linked duplicate question from a DM's perspective

Can you make a single roll multiple times? was marked as duplicate and at first "I failed to open a lock. Now what?" was the only linked 'duplicate' question. Taking a look at its answers I found ...
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What are expectations/policy around spoilers?

I have, on a couple occasions noticed either (1) a spoiler box being used incorrectly - that is, it didn't actually hide all the info that was spoiler info. And (2) a spoiler box being used when the ...
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