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Watched questions contrast is really poor on our site

So Stack Exchange got new colors, and there’s a Meta.SE Q&A about it, but this issue seems to be specific to our site: questions with watched tags get a color highlight, but the contrast between ...
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Something about the site layout changed, adding an unsightly line between the top bar and the site graphic

There's a new light-colored line between the site graphic and the top bar that didn't used to be there and looks like it probably isn't supposed to be there. How it used to look: (Ignore the ...
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Is a dark mode for this site realistically possible and desirable, and can we in any way support its introduction?

Dark mode was introduced to StackOverflow about a year ago (blog post), but as of now, it still isn't available on our site (or any other site as far as I know). Back then, it was stated that For now,...
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Theme of mobile site needs a bit of polish

I really like the theme of desktop site: The mobile site, on the other hand. Well, it is clean, and exceptionally generic shade of blue and gray: Would it be possible to, perhaps, just fix the color ...
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Why are featured questions not actually featured?

This question is based on my experience with bounties I've placed on two separate questions in the past couple weeks, spending a total of 400 rep. After placing each bounty the questions were moved ...
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Interface problem with disabled side bar?

I have disabled the side bay by checking the "Hide left navigation" button in my settings. However, when I do this the [Questions] [Tags] [Users] [Unanswered] navigation buttons are missing from where ...
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New RPG.SE theme coming this summer

The entire SE Network is going through some redesign this year. TL;DR: giving each site a really nicely-tuned theme (color scheme, iconography, artwork) wasn't a sustainable model. This greatly slowed ...
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D&D 5th Edition Wikia - favicon

Has anyone else noticed - the favicon for D&D 5th Edition Wikia looks to be copied from this meta SE. Is there a reason for this? Does anyone here care? I suppose it looks like it's not exactly ...
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Questions with favorite tags are not being highlighted

Cross-posting from Updates to the site, since it was a bug with that update that appears to have gotten missed. Comments on that answer haven’t seemed to get noticed, so giving this a little more ...
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Can our badges be some symbol that's more recognizable than just featureless hexagons?

Sci-fi's stack Badge is the rebel alliance symbol, some other stacks have other cool symbols that represent their badges. As is right now, we have dice that well... don't really look like dice. They ...
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A script changes search URLs when I right click on them, breaking my workflow

I have a bookmarked search page which returns a set of questions within my favourite tags (e.g. system-agnostic and dnd-3.5e). I have an addon that I rely on heavily, which lets me right-click on ...
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Captcha Bypass Privilege

I still sometimes have the "we can't quite tell if you're a human" popup happen when I try to do stuff, with attached captcha. I think there should be a privilege that comes with a certain amount of ...
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Mobile version: More accessible secondary navigation?

I just discovered that the meta/main link on the mobile site is hiding down in the footer. This is very far away from everything, for someone who is used to looking for them in the top bar of the ...
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Make main site search stand out more

Considering I've been on StackExchange for some time, I figure I should know where the search bar is by now. However, I had a bit of a mental lapse when I came here today to look for a particular ...
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