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Can this question about the Sense Motive skill be reopened?

This question for Pathfinder about how to use the Sense Motive skill is marked as a duplicate of this question for Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition about how to use the Insight skill. While these ...
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My question was closed as too broad, but I thought it was very filtered and refined. Why?

The question on trial: What creature(s) can a Moon Druid transform into that would benefit from humanoid armor? TL, DR: When druids shapeshift, is there a valid form that benefits from their armor? ...
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Are these two questions about Blindsight and the Blinded condition true duplicates?

I asked a question about casters with blindsight and the Blinded condition, which has been marked as duplicate to a question which asks if creatures with blindsight can have the Blinded condition. ...
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Is this question on helping to pick the CR of an animal companion in a homebrew class stackable?

This question on What CR dragon companions would make the damage output of my ranger archetype balanced? seems like it may not be a good question for the stack in it's current form. But it also seem ...
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Are any of these dnd-5e questions about spells and their target becoming invalid duplicates?

We have quite a few questions about spell effects and what happens when their target enters a state where they could not have been targeted by the spell in the first place: Can Polymorph end spells ...
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Would this question about when it's better for a Pact of the Chain warlock to have their familiar attack be an on-topic bounded list question?

Recently, I asked this question: For a Pact of the Chain warlock, is choosing to have their familiar attack generally the worse option for the warlock's action? As I mention at the end of the ...
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Is this question about Haste, the Bladesinger wizard's Extra Attack, and cantrips that do "one weapon attack only" a duplicate?

I asked this question on RPG.SE: How does the Haste spell's extra action interact with the Bladesinger's Extra Attack feature and with cantrips that do "one weapon attack only"? ...
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Question Workshop: At what level does each class get its subclass?

The question: At what level does each class get its subclass? When building a multi-classed character for a one-shot I wanted to know when each class receives its subclass, since subclasses provide a ...
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