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What do we do with this non-starter question?

Pathfinder explosive runes abuse describes a scenario and the asker (presumably the GM) is unhappy with it, and says: I don't like this in the least bit but I am not sure how can I argue that it ...
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Are requests for specific users' house rules on- or off-topic?

Recently, a user posted a question asking for a specific user's house rules. This question was promptly closed as off-topic, and I feel like the community made the right decision, but I can't put my ...
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When are the rules clear enough to not need a RPG.SE question?

In response to this question: Are you still two-weapon fighting if you've thrown one of your two weapons and are no longer holding it? A comment I made was responded to by the OP with: ...
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Why was this question given a 5e tag?

I was browsing the [play-by-post] tag and found this question: How can a player in a PbP D&D 5e game ensure the health and fun of that game? However, it was tagged for Dnd 5e but reading the ...
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Why'd my second question get removed when surely people would be thinking about both?

I get why the rule exists. However when I ask about how healing interactions happen in game, in a very specific format (D&D druid healing in wild shape, if it affects the normal form), those aren'...
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6 votes
2 answers

What's unclear about this question?

This question asks "Would any of the versions of D&D, as written, permit someone to backstab with a ballista?" To me, this seems like a simple "yes or no" question where a "yes" answer can easily ...
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2 answers

Is it really wise to close this question?

This question was put on hold as unclear what it's asking: How Should I Change the Star Trek Phaser Table? @doppelgreener Says in comments that this seems to be asking for (or would lead to) a ...
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2 answers

How can I improve my question on hold for being "too broad" so that it is re-opened?

When I logged in today hoping to see new answers, I was surprised when I found that my question was on hold. The notice has flagged it as too broad. There was one comment suggesting that system-...
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3 answers

How to ask a question regarding canonical events that generate negative player reactions?

I have been reading on the Harpers (a faction in the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons and Dragons) a bit, and I have seen quite some comments online of people not liking them a lot because of the ...
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The 'creating meaningful relationships' question was reopened and cleaned up too soon

I'm referring to this question: How to create meaningful relationships with NPCs The question's been mod-reopened from its unclear state already, and all comments deleted. I have no idea what has ...
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Should our tabletop play styles question be closed?

I'm referring to this question from 2012: Tabletop Play Style Classification Schemes It was mod-created to replace a previous question, and has attracted 1-3 high quality answers (going by votes). ...
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2 answers

Should I edit my question or create a new one?

I asked a question with a straightforward title and a mostly straightforward body, and got a straightforward answer, which I accepted because they answered the question as I wrote it. But I failed to ...
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Should this knowledge check question have the [dnd-4e] tag?

This is regarding this question: How to handle player knowledge when they fumble a knowledge roll As you can see from the revision history, SevenSidedDie and I disagree about whether this question ...
8 votes
5 answers

Is our books vs e-readers question primarily opinion based or OK?

I'm asking in regards to this question: What are the benefits of owning a physical book? My gut feeling has me concerned this might not be suitable to ask here. It might be a primarily opinion-based ...
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Does this answer to a question about a Vampire Discipline that lets them disbelieve in things have too much quoted text?

In the answer to this question Where can I find this Discipline that allows a Vampire to disbelieve in sunlight, stakes, etc. so strongly that it can ignore them?, there is a large block of source ...
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Does the [system-agnostic] tag conflict with system specific tags?

In this question, the asker tagged his question with system-agnostic. He also tagged it with dnd-3.5e and dungeons-and-dragons. Is this contradictory or in some way contrary to the spirit of the ...
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Is it acceptable to ask in search of a specific RPG system?

In light of the removal of the "too localized" close reason, I still feel like I should ask this here. I'm in search of a specific RPG system whose name I seem to have forgotten, but some details of ...
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10 votes
3 answers

How do 'Trivia' Questions meet the requirements for posting?

This query came about following a comment on Did Basic D&D invent and popularise the abbreviation XP for experience points? I am particularly interested in how such a question meets the "...
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How to deal with questions that relate to off-topic influences to on-topic principles?

With the close votes and downvote, I get the feeling my dire question is borderline, with some parts on topic and some off-topic. How do we deal with questions about off-topic influences/sources (...
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Rewriting questions after question has been answered

In this post, I asked a question about the FATE generic RPG system, and then tagged it both FATE, and Spirit of the Century. I figured answers for one would be equivalent to answers for the other. ...
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Should we prohibit requests for free material in our help documentation?

Our list of off-topic or prohibited questions does not include: "Can you send me, or direct me to, a free copy of a game I would like?" Is it possible to have this sort of thing added, so that we ...
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How can "Can a D&D character be launched into space?" be asked so it's valid?

Recently we had this question on the site, I've reproduced it completely below for those unable to view it. It directly conflicts with the site FAQ. You should only ask practical, answerable ...
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Can we move the discussiony comments from "What RPGs emphasize Roleplaying?" to meta?

The comments have gotten out of control. The standard action when this happens on a SO site, is to move the comments to a meta thread. So ya, can we?
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