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For questions on meta about tag warnings, notices that advise an individual about particular issues with using a tag, above and beyond the tag wiki excerpt.

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26 votes
2 answers

Add tag warnings for [rules-as-written] and [dungeons-and-dragons]

Back in Should we add a [rules-as-written] tag warning, and what should it say? we came to a general agremeent on a couple of tag warnings for the site. This post is a feature request directed to ...
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21 votes
5 answers

Should we add a [rules-as-written] tag warning, and what should it say?

I’ve recently discovered Stack Exchange has a feature called tag warnings which cautions a person with further information about how a tag should be used. Tag warnings look like this: This example ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Can we look at the contrast on tag warnings?

Just posted my first question using a tag that has a tag-warning in a while. Saw this: I don't know much about accessibility, but I'll bet that's a pretty low contrast ratio by any measure. I didn't ...
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Tag appearance in our tag warnings is broken; can't read them

Not a Stack bug. This bug was caused by SOUP; I'll keep this around a while so the patch author can be informed. Tag markup in our tag warnings is illegible, as you can probably see: The text in ...
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