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2 answers

Delete an unanswered question if I no longer need the answer?

I wrote the following question: Can Ride be used to Push a mount/animal companion? containing multiple questions. I was asked to separate them out, so I did. Once I separated out the question When ...
8 votes
0 answers

Why is my question with only a downvoted answer not appearing in Unanswered Questions?

Before we begin, I'd like to say I've seen this meta question: - "Unanswered" questions not showing up in that list because of a single upvote - My question is related but different. I've ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Is there a way we can remind people of unaswered questions?

Lately, it seems to me that the amount of questions with no upvoted answers is increasing, and what more, some of the older questions seem to be getting themselves forgotten. Now it may be that the ...
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2 answers

Anyone know any Shadowrun players?

I feel bad that the one question unanswered (even with a bounty) is the only Shadowrun question we've had. Is this game still played? Anyone know any active forums to go and recruit? I looked and ...
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