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Questions tagged [user-interface]

For questions on meta about the user interface, either of Stack Exchange as a whole or on the Role-Playing Games Stack Exchange specifically.

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Watched questions contrast is really poor on our site

So Stack Exchange got new colors, and there’s a Meta.SE Q&A about it, but this issue seems to be specific to our site: questions with watched tags get a color highlight, but the contrast between ...
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Color & layout issues with "You earned a new privilege!"

As shown below, it's very difficult to see what the new privilege is. (but it is there ↑)
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Should we make the recommendation tags throw a warning or error?

A while back there was a revamp of the ask page which introduced a lot more per site customization. Of relevance here is that we can have the page react to tags: Tag-related error messages and ...
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Can we get back the orange quote formatting?

I've just noticed today that the quote box is not orange, but grey instead. And it's less noticeable. It seems dull. At these times we need to color our world with hope. Can we get back the old ...
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The question list's "actioned X time ago" alignment is broken

The “asked/answered/edited X time ago” messages on the question list are always right-aligned. Today that right alignment seems to be missing, except for when they word wrap to the next line. It ...
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Legacy Questions: a script to restore functionality to the questions list

Legacy Questions - Bringing back the old questions design Stack Exchange recently changed the UI of the main questions page, and it was poorly received because it is terrible, or in the words of the ...
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I can't use other flag options after raising one, and there's no feedback saying why

I just now flagged a particular post as Rude/Abusive. I then had a further detail to report about the post (the username is offensive), but when I went to use the flag dialog again, I found that ...
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