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Congratulations for reaching 100k reputation points, Thomas Markov!

While browsing the site, I noticed that Thomas Markov has reached 100,000 reputation points on RPG.SE: With 79 questions and 1,182 answers, he can be very frequently seen around the site helping out ...
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Why does this old user have an unclickable profile, yet retain the profile name by their posts?

This user looks like a deleted user, but unlike most (all?) users, they retain their username - usually a deleted user become user123456 or something random number. Is this a bug? What happened to ...
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2 answers

How can we effectively measure user retention?

I'd like to see an answer on the 2018 community survey about user retention, as it's clearly an important issue. Unfortunately, I'm unfamiliar with (or lack access to?) the various tools to put one ...
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Eek! A troll in the Stack! What do I do?

I've seen a strange question and it's accumulating poor responses from its owner. Stuff like this is happening to me or someone else: left a comment asking for a clarification, and got a response ...
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What happens to users that constantly write bad posts?

A couple of you will know the most recent person I am referencing, with a bit of a spurt from a new user constantly answering with bad posts in terms of content, grammar, spelling, well, they're ...
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How to contact a user?

I'd like to thanks one user for some changes he made to one of my question, how can I do it? I've done it trough the comments, but I'm not sure he will get my answer, am I wrong?
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What does the exclamation mark on a timestamp mean?

I've noticed a couple of times that in comments (where I've seen it, but maybe it's in questions/answers as well) that sometimes the stamp is -- UserName X [time unit(s)] ago ! Where most other ...
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