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This tag is for support and discussion of votes to reopen and related privileges.

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11 votes
3 answers

How to deal with tug-of-war close reopens?

So this question has a very odd edit history, being closed as primarily opinion based by five users, re-opened by five-users, and finally being closed by a diamond mod. The reason this is such a ...
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9 votes
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Can We Please Reopen a Related, but not Duplicate Question?

This question was closed as a duplicate of another question. However, I believe it is not. The linked "duplicate" question is system-agnostic and is good for general advice. However, the closed ...
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7 votes
4 answers

My question was closed for being opinion based. Now it's been reopened and closed again. Why?

I recently posted What class has the most damage output per round at level 6?, asking about character optimization. Without additional context, the question was: what are the most optimizable class/...
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Does contributing to Close/Reopen votes outside of the review queue contribute to your total?

At 250 and 1000 reviews in a category, you get a badge. But if you either vote to close or reopen outside of the queue, does it still count towards this total? And if not (as I suspect at the moment), ...
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3 votes
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How do we handle questions that are repeatedly closed and reopened?

I recently posted this question about character optimization: What class has the most damage output per round at level 6? I made several revisions to it, and it received the required 5 votes to be re-...
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Should Diamond Mods have a set of guidelines on voting to close/reopen contentious questions? If so, what should that policy be?

Relating to this question on main, and a spin-off of this question on meta, I noticed an odd trend: five votes to close, five votes to open, and one diamond close, all without any editing. This is ...
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