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Hatocalypse 2016 Survivors' Photo Album

This album is for 2016. Check out the 2017 album here: The Hatmas Interdimensional Breach 2017 Photo Album As prophecy foretold, the Hatocalypse is upon us. Some of us may survive. Some may only be ...
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4 votes
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I just got First Responder (and it isn't New Years yet)

I've just been awarded First Responder: Despite the fact that shouldn't be possible for 2017 yet: But I did have a message starred in chat around new years' during last Winterbash. Did the year not ...
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36 votes
1 answer

As foretold in prophecy, the Hatpocalypse approaches!

As foretold in prophecy and by the tales of our surviving elders, the Hatpocalypse is nearly upon us once again. Every year, when the air gets cold and nights get long,1 hats descend upon the site. ...
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