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Can I ask a question about whether there's published adventure content with a holiday theme?

Obvioulsy, the various fantasy settings may have their own, special holidays, for example in the Forgotten Realms, there are five annual holidays falling between the months, like Midwinter oder ...
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Would this question about the Deck of Many Things be allowed?

I recently asked this question on the Deck of Many Things which was closed as opinion-based. I would like to revisit the topic and ask for expert opinion from a different angle. To avoid as much ...
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Workshopping Help: "Should I allow a Player to use a premade character?"

I have a question I want to ask and would like to run it by the community before I actually ask it so I can obtain feedback. Here is my question: Should I allow a Player to use a premade character? ...
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Workshopping "What is the best way to bring a campaign to an end?"

I've recently posted the question What is the best way to bring a campaign to an end? on the Role-Playing Games Stack Exchange, but it was closed because it ended up seeming too broad or just phrased ...
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Workshopping Question about picking the right weapon

As I have talked about here in a bit more detail, I have always had an issue wrapping my head around certain core (and simple) concepts within D&D 5e. In this particular case, the issue pertains ...
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Question Workshop: Character's Sliding Target Numbers

I am unsure if this fits well enough, so I am asking it on meta to check before I do post it. If this is not quite a good fit, that's fine. Does this belong on Why? What changes are ...
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Workshopping a question about Dispel Magic

The D&D 5e spell Dispel Magic is extremely ambiguous and is the subject of many questions on this site. In my view, these questions and answers do not result in a clear interpretation of Dispel ...
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Question Workshop: At what level does each class get its subclass?

The question: At what level does each class get its subclass? When building a multi-classed character for a one-shot I wanted to know when each class receives its subclass, since subclasses provide a ...
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Is this question about between-session discussion stackable?

Is this question stackable, and if not, can it be rehabilitated? In our current game, the PCs are getting pwned by a couple of bad guys. We ended last session in the middle of combat and will pick ...
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Would it be helpful to have a Question Workshop thread?

This idea is somewhat borrowed from's Riddle Sandbox and's Draft Sandbox threads. Would it be helpful or beneficial to have a thread on meta for posting question drafts as answers ...
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Question Workshop: Are the new Bard Class Options Tier 1

I tried to ask a question, but it was closed as opinion based. The version of the question at time of writing is given here: The tiers as defined here Tier 1: ...
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Question Workshop: GM Types

Not long ago, it has been pointed out to me that while RPG theory about different archetypes of players is relatively well-known, people are generally less aware of what sorts of GMs are out there. So ...
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8 votes
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Workshopping my question about Armor Class ranges

I posted this question: Which Armor Class values should be used as Controls when making Damage Calculations? in an attempt to try to reify the Armor Class values I use when making DPR calculations for ...
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Should there be a sandbox for question development?

The Worldbuilding metastack has a "Sandbox for Proposed Questions" where questions can be workshopped after a fashion to get them into a form where they will be less likely to be closed for opinion, ...
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