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Meta questions related to how we handle World of Darkness questions on the main site.

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Is the [quintessence] tag quintessential?

I found that the quintessence tag exists. For convenience, here is the tag excerpt: In Mage: the Ascension, quintessence is the substance that makes a thing "real" or "actual." ...
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Question on the tagging policy on World of Darkness questions

Two points in the following topic left me a bit confused and I'd like a clarification: Start retagging the WoD questions! (aka "Editors: the Retaggening") First, there's world-of-...
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We should clarify that the [world-of-darkness] tag is only for the "old"/"classic" line

I think the description of the world-of-darkness tag tries to hint at that but it's a bit vague. I'm a long time fan of the series, so to me "World of Darkness" tends to encompass all its incarnations,...
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Should we rename/synonymise [larp-mes-camarilla] -> [minds-eye-society]?

We have a larp-mes-camarilla tag for a LARP organisation devoted to Mind's Eye Theatre (minds-eye-theatre), a World of Darkness LARP game & ruleset. However, the tag's own wiki suggests this name ...
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How to answer when GM Fiat is included in RAW?

In the Storyteller System (Classic World of Darkness, Orpheus, Trinity, Exalted, etc.) and Storytelling System (New World of Darkness) White Wolf included the Golden Rule (their version of Rule Zero ...
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Am I allowed to ask questions about Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines plot here, or should I go for Arqade?

Vampire: the Masquerade — Bloodlines is a PC game from 2004. This game is very old, and does not have an active community on Arqade. There are forums, but forums aren't as good as SE. If I want ...
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Should all Mage the Awakening questions have the 'rapidly evolving' post notice?

The new edition of Mage the Awakening has not been finalized yet, should they have this post notice (if it's available on this stack)? Here's a list of all such questions (along with some false ...
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Changing [new-world-of-darkness-2e] to [chronicles-of-darkness]

Gosh, it's been a bit since we had a WoD tagging thread, huh? As per today's announcement, the game lines formerly known as the New World of Darkness 2nd Edition are now being collectively called the ...
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Should we add V20/M20 etc tags for White Wolf Games? [duplicate]

In the recent years Onyx Path has released 20-year anniversary editions of popular white wolf games which include both mechanical and plot/setting changes, like the removal of the metaplot that formed ...
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Blood and Smoke to Vampire the Requiem 2e [duplicate]

This is a follow up to this Please synomise (or delete) [blood-and-smoke] with [vampire-the-requiem-2e] can we please ,migrate synomise the blood-and-smoke to (I believe that's the tag suggested by ...
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Let us not tag all the New World of Darkness Second Edition Creature Splats

This ONLY applies to New World of Darkness, a game system that DOES have a core rulebook, with splat books for playing different types of characters. The focus of this discussion is on tagging which ...
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Start retagging the WoD questions! (aka "Editors: the Retaggening")

About a week ago, we discussed how to sort out the World of Darkness tags in Clean up tagging for "World of Darkness" related questions. The question's been settled for about a week, and it ...
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Clean up tagging for "World of Darkness" related questions

I find the current tagging for world of darkness to be quite confusing. world-of-darkness what's the purpose of this? it seems to refer to what is now canonically known as "classic world of darkness" ...
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Synonym [nwod-god-machine] to [new-world-of-darkness-2e]

As discussed in Lets get a clear consensus on the use of [nwod] vs [nwod-god-machine], now that Onyx Path has officially rebranded the God Machine Rules Update as the second edition of New World of ...
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