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Re-revisiting the “don't guess the system” policy

Sometimes people ask us questions about game mechanics without explicitly telling us what game system or edition they’re playing. At the time of writing, our current policy is to never assume the RPG system or edition of a question, even in cases where there is no doubt what system the querent is asking about. We require the OP to explicitly tell us in the question, a comment, or a tag.

We’ve noticed that, recently, this policy seems to be causing conflict and strife for what seems to be little gain. We see this in the comments section under numerous questions and many metas where this policy comes into relevance.

Is this policy more trouble than it is worth? Is it time to retire this strict policy? If so, what would be the policy going forward for managing questions where the system is unclear?

Previously: Revisiting our "never guess the game system" policy

The moderation team's been thinking about this for a while, and proposes a way forward in an answer below... But don’t be shy about posting a competing answer if you're seeing things we're not. We're relying on your experience and judgment, too!

After 3 months, the community's highest voted answer is sitting at +54/-22 and advocates for not changing the policy according to the moderators' proposal which ranks below it in score at +47/-22. As the community failed to achieve a consensus to change the status quo, we will continue to enforce the policy as we have in the past.