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For questions discussing tags and their usage.

0 votes
2 answers

Should the D&D Essentials tag be changed?

There were questions tagged "dd-essentials." We had determined that D&D should be abbreviated "dnd", and also I think it's worth saying it's D&D 4.0 Essentials since there well may be a D&D 5.0 Essen …
  • 173k
7 votes

Should we use "setting" tags?

Also there are some tags that are arguably setting, arguably genre, like [fantasy] and [post-apocalyptic]. … In the end, what are tags for? Allowing you to easily search for related content. …
  • 173k
16 votes

"By the Book" Tag

We do, it's "[dnd-4e]!" Zing! So the problem here is that we could have a "[by-the-book]" tag and use it to demarcate questions where the OP doesn't want to hear your kewl house rule but wants a RAW …
  • 173k
7 votes

Is the Powergaming Tag needed?

I am reluctant to blacklist the tag, if only because removing common words from the tag space is generally a poor idea. I'm also not sure whether subsuming it into problem-players is helpful - it mak …
  • 173k
1 vote

Beginner-box and red-box tags

I see no value in combining them, and "red-box" is a bad tag because there is the original D&D red box and the new 4e red box. Usually just using the correct version tag (becmi, dnd-4e, pathfinder) i …
  • 173k
8 votes

How do we feel about Genre Tags?

I can imagine easily someone wanting to narrow down their query about something to the science fiction domain, just as they might want to narrow it down to the gurps-4e game system, so the tags are valid … Tags are created as they're needed, so apparently no one has needed genre tags for (every other genre in the world) yet. …
  • 173k
6 votes

How can we make sure [new-players] and [system-introduction] are distinct?

Therefore one or both tags may be appropriate. … It does not need to be a strict logically correct hierarchy and overlap between two tags is not something we must do something about. Let people use the tags they find helpful and make sense to them. …
  • 173k
6 votes

Should we tag questions about established (indie) RPG systems with [indie-rpg]?

2 only, usage per 1 is a redundant and meta tag and should be removed when found. If a game is just about octaNe, adding indie-RPG has no value. If it's about writing or marketing or communities o …
  • 173k
5 votes

What is the exact meaning of [statistics]?

The math kind. You could contribute to clarification by submitting a tag wiki. We have [probability] too which is somewhat redundant with that... For "character stats" - if that's even a valid tag, …
  • 173k
8 votes

Is sr4-matrix too specific?

Yes, it's too specific IMO. We don't have "dnd3-feats" and "dnd3-skills", you use dnd3 + spells. All sr4-matrix questions also have shadowrun-sr4 on them so we should synonym sr4-matrix to - hmm, matr …
  • 173k
4 votes

The use of tags in question detail

I assume the question you're talking about is Challenging Talkers in SIFRP. I don't really see any reason to mess with it. Fits under the category of "Oh Lord someone does something different than I …
  • 173k
5 votes

system-for-setting scope and difference from game-rec

Sometimes, tags are subsets of another tag, and that's OK. …
  • 173k
5 votes

Should the [negative-energy] and [positive-energy] tags exist?

They are no worse or more picky than the hundred weird picky little D&D tags. Tagging on RPG.SE is an emergent folksonomy, and we do not interfere with it unless there’s an actual problem. …
  • 173k
5 votes

How should we tag Basic D&D editions?

B/X and BECMI are well used terms in the community and don't need to change. Basic is what Holmes Basic is called for short when all those are talked about together, but is confusing in isolation s …
  • 173k
3 votes

How should we tag the editions of Rolemaster?

In general, we don't need to plan tags. Tagging here is an emergent folksonomy. Tags are created because someone's asking questions about something, and for no other reason. … We go from a generic tag down to version tags if and when it matters. For many games it doesn't. …
  • 173k

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