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Indicates that the report has been resolved through the implementation of a feature or the fixing of a bug.

1 vote

One of these chats doesn't belong!

That room was created by me, with the intent of discussing the topic question from SU or SF (I forget which). I thought I'd created it from SU/SF, but somehow it ended up here. I have no clue how or …
  • 6,185
1 vote
1 answer

Is the spoiler code non-functional in Internet Explorer?

Considering that IE and Windows XP own significant (if not still majority) shares in their respective markets, I find it hard to believe that a feature would be implemented here which does not work in …
  • 6,185
3 votes
2 answers

Images break the spoiler code.

I think images break the spoiler code. I'm not sure when or how often an image might need to be placed in a spoiler block, but can this be fixed?
  • 6,185
2 votes
1 answer

Hyperlinks break the spoiler code.

I just went to update another spoiler-included thread, to add the new spoiler code. It seems anything that is a hyperlink is not hidden by the code. Can this be fixed?
  • 6,185
6 votes
2 answers

Could an "undo vote" option be added, for close votes?

This is probably good to be considered for any types of votes, but I'm especially asking about the close vote because of the special significance they have over the usual up/down voting. This was bro …
  • 6,185
1 vote
3 answers

Does the new spoiler code work?

I tried editing a question earlier, to implement the new spoiler code, and ran into some troubles. I'll be using this thread to test my usage of that code to make sure I'm doing it right - instead of …
  • 6,185