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The question you're asking is designed to solicit opinions or best-practices on a particular topic, with the goal of reaching community consensus.

6 votes

Is there a policy on linking to Reddit as part of an answer?

There are scenarios where a discussion could be meaningful content, but not without substantial content in the answer itself. …
  • 29.7k
3 votes

How should I post additional tables for this question about Known Spells?

Use option #3, for the reasons explained in NautArch's answer. But... Don't do them all at once (like within the same day or two) or you risk the following problems: If people see what look like s …
  • 29.7k
16 votes

How to deal with answers based on the wrong system/edition?

We should respond to these answers the same way we do to any other answer that is wrong or to any other "answer" post that doesn't actually answer the question: Since the answer is wrong, it should …
  • 29.7k
21 votes
1 answer

What to do about possible retaliatory down-voting spree?

I left an admittedly rude comment on an answer earlier today (requires privilege to see deleted post). I chose quite poor wording and offended the answer poster. While drafting an apology comment, the …
  • 29.7k
11 votes
3 answers

Is it appropriate to define what should *not* be in an answer?

I haven't posted many questions, but in my two most recent questions (this one and this one) I used a convention where I introduce the background information, ask the question in bold, and then follow …
  • 29.7k
4 votes

Role-playing Games's updated site theme is live!

When I viewed my profile after getting a new badge, the congratulatory message box "underlapped" the links for the tabs below (see image). This behavior doesn't happen when I'm simply tracking a badg …
  • 29.7k
9 votes

How to improve the 'invisible nearby enemy' question?

The beginning of your question, up to and including the rules excerpt, is fine. I see two problems with your question in its current version (as of right now), and they start right after the rules ex …
  • 29.7k
2 votes
2 answers

The [readied-action] and [triggered-actions] tags

There is a readied-action tag (101 questions tagged, 43 asked this year) with the following guidance: An action "held" to react to an anticipated circumstance. There is also a triggered-actions …
  • 29.7k
5 votes

Role-playing Games's updated site theme is live!

The beta theme on mobile is a vast improvement. Until I saw a comment by SevenSidedDie on another answer, I didn't realize the beta theme was usable on mobile, since the old mobile mode theme continu …
  • 29.7k
6 votes

How should we format spell names?

Spell names should use reasonable conventions if not doing so would impede clarity. In the example of D&D 5e, spell names are always lowercase italics when included in the text (like mage hand) and s …
  • 29.7k
2 votes

Role-playing Games's updated site theme is live!

Extra-wide MathJax tables aren't constrained. See this answer for an example. The width of the table extends into the right sidebar. Here's a screenshot.
  • 29.7k
20 votes

How is the community doing? [2018]

It feels like comments have gotten more argumentative. When I first began posting answers on this site, I enjoyed it a lot. The last few months, I have not enjoyed it, so I've stopped answering for a …
  • 29.7k
13 votes

How do we save designer reasoning questions?

Designer-reasons questions should be off-topic. An RPG expert isn't substantially more capable of answering a designer-reasons question than a non-RPG expert, because all either of them is going to d …
  • 29.7k
3 votes
1 answer

How to reward an answer that isn't my accepted answer

I asked the question Handling critical hits easily when using average damage and literally every answer is good. I've up-voted them all accordingly. For context, I accepted Rubiksmoose's answer, then …
  • 29.7k
10 votes

How can I get my question about impossible saves vs frightened reopened?

With respect (and apologizing for the fact that I always sound way more confrontational than I intend to), I challenge the value of the question, because it seems to be presupposing its own legitimacy …
  • 29.7k

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