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(e.g. a link to a related question, or an alert to the author that the question has been updated). Comments are not recommended for any of the following: [...] Secondary discussion … or debating a controversial point; please use chat instead; Discussion of community behavior or site policies; please use meta instead. (from Privileges: Comment Everywhere.) Comments get …
answered Aug 25 '16 by BESW
Instead of changing our policies about comments which don't fit Stack-wide standards, we can simply work to make the comments which do fit our policies nicer. We're already doing this! Go here and … help us make our pre-made comments better model the tone we want for the site. We need more people doing that work. The Stack is all about getting answers, and comments which don't make suggestions or …
answered Mar 10 '16 by BESW
useful bits from comments and editing them into a question; I really try, but sometimes I feel totally inept and it seem like leaving the comments is preferable--but then of course, they're cluttering … comments can get flagged as obsolete. I think part of this is because when comments turn into dialogues it's harder to pull useful info out of them, which leads me to the next point. The citizens who …
answered Apr 11 '14 by BESW
I don't know how useful anyone else might find them, but I've been collecting Comments I Often Make in a txt file for a while and I might as well share some of 'em. You'll notice that they tend to be … that we can't make for you. ###Please no thank you comments Comments are for improving questions. If you want to thank someone for their contribution, upvote them! ###Please no forums in comments
answered Apr 26 '14 by BESW
Pre-made comments are awesome. They're also super powerful tools. Let's workshop some new ones and improve the old ones! You've probably seen pre-made comments[i] used across the site by moderators … template to start from helps us write new comments which also do these things. It’s hard to accomplish all of this on the fly all the time; pre-made comments mean most of the effort’s already been put in …
asked Feb 28 '16 by BESW
If it's neither a question nor an answer, nor moving toward improving one of those things, the main-site Stack Exchange's formal Q&A structure doesn't really have a place for the idea. This is by desi …
answered Apr 24 '15 by BESW
guidelines on comments. RPG.SE's attitude toward comments is well within the Stack Exchange practices for comment curation. Some Stack sites are even stricter than we are (check out the history of … of curation needed overall is too much for their mods and high-rep citizens to handle. In those situations, comments run amok are usually deemed a very low priority. RPG.SE is small enough the volume …
answered Sep 12 '16 by BESW
I'd like to share some tools and tips I've found useful in making comments be nicer and more useful. If you've got some, please edit them in! Avoid "you" unless I really mean it. If I'm talking … else's, I do. I could've made these bullet points say "unless you really mean it" and "if you've got room" and "when you're leaving a comment," but it's my experience and I can only hope you find it useful; I shouldn't imply I have authority to tell you how to write your comments. …
answered Mar 10 '16 by BESW
Here are most of the comments I've felt are important/common enough to standardise for myself, or adopt others' standards. I often string together two or more comments, sometimes merging them into … site, not a traditional discussion forum. Comments are for helping clarify or improve questions and answers. To thank someone for their contribution, upvote the post! If you want to discuss RPG things …
answered May 9 '16 by BESW
Ask the querent to edit their relephant comment information into the question. Don't worry about changing your answer until your answer's improvements will reflect the question as asked. (This may als …
answered Mar 7 '17 by BESW
[tour] now also links to the tour.
answered Jun 6 '16 by BESW
Rooms with any sort of meaningful content exist forever. As outlined in the chat FAQ, "A room is considered worth retaining if it has more than 15 messages by at least 2 users." Any such room is avai …
answered Jan 3 '16 by BESW
In chat, sticky returns (manual line breaks to make a second paragraph in the same chat entry) break most code. And all links need http:// or they won't process as links at all.
answered Feb 3 '14 by BESW
Downvote it. Leave a concise comment. If I can, write a better answer. Downvote because I find the answer unhelpful: this gives the writer a signal that there's something wrong, and more importantly …
answered Dec 1 '16 by BESW
TL;DR: I don't see malice or incompetence, just a couple of positive trends about how mods curate comments which came together to look a little weird this time. (1) It's common practice to leave … comments which explain the reason a question is closed, and (2) it's common practice to remove extended discussion about whether it should be re-opened because that belongs in meta. (3) We also rarely …
answered Mar 15 '17 by BESW

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