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Does a suspended user still gain or lose rep for votes cast on their Q&As while they are suspended, after the suspension ends?

Since account suspensions aren't a Role-playing-Games-Stack-Exchange exclusive feature the answer can be found on this Meta Stack Exchange question, along with a full explanation of what a suspension ...
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10 votes

Is there a way for non-mods to spot "new" accounts that are actually suspended users trying to dodge a ban?

There isn’t, for both better and worse. Mods have some ways to investigate whether two accounts are controlled by the same person, and Community Managers have more, but for good reasons none of the ...
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5 votes

How to give feedback that is not in line with mod opinion without getting temporarily suspended?

The General Answer To Your Question To give feedback on mod behavior, you would cite specifics in a meta question or an answer to a meta question about mod behavior, citing the behavior and why you ...
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