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What is your - personal - idea of ideal moderation and in what ways does it conflict with the Stackexchange's A Theory of Moderation?


We don’t define Fair Use; a court does. Until something has actually gone to court, there are only the would-be plaintiff’s arguments why it doesn’t qualify, and the would-be defendant’s arguments why it does. Images aren’t “special” with respect to Fair Use—they are copyrighted material, which means the copyright holder can control their use by others, e.g. ...


Often moderators are power users of the stack. Accepting moderator duties means doing less of the things you do daily. Many moderators don't feel like they have enough time to do their duties and still use the stack like a normal user. That's fine - they are volunteers, after all; however, it does push moderator duties to the wayside. How do you feel about ...


Recently we had a situation where one user was performing a series of actions that the community disagreed with; users regularly flagged these actions and complained to moderators to do something about it. However, based on the Code of Conduct, Help Center, and consultation with a CM, it was clear that the single user's actions were not the problem. As a ...


A user flags as spam or rude and abusive/votes to close/votes to delete/indicates in some other way they want your (or your friends) post to be closed or deleted. What do you do, and how do you respond?


Becoming a new moderator can be daunting, but is also a big opportunity. What are you worried or fearful about in your transition to becoming a moderator, and is there anything you're looking forward to? Is there anything we can do to help support you in those areas should you be elected as a new moderator?


A diamond will be attached to everything you say and have said in the past, including questions, answers and comments. Everything you will do will be seen under a different light. How do you feel about that?


During moderation, you'll run into conflicts with community members over how to handle a situation. Unlike them, you'll have unlimited capacity to unilaterally close, reopen, delete, undelete, etc. In your view, what's the proper way to handle a situation like this as it escalates (though it hopefully doesn't)?


In your view, what role should Meta have in guiding and governing site practice and community moderation? What do you see Meta doing well, and where do you see that it may be harmful?


A lot of attention recently has been brought to the general limitations of Meta as a reliable means of deciding, collecting, and disseminating our practices. Discussions are general, theoretical, and tend to focus on best-case or worst-case scenarios, and in any event receive relatively limited attention and can fall out-of-date quickly. These problems and ...


Do you believe RPGSE needs best practices and guidelines, or policies? Please explain. Context: In the past four years, the defense of "It's policy!" has been harmful to the user experience on this site.


One of our recurring stress points recently within the community has been over differences in how different community members interpret close and delete guidelines. As a diamond moderator, you'll be navigating this issue from a position of additional authority. How do you think you'd approach this situation?


A perfect example of why we shouldn't pin the highest voted answer to the top Hold still folks, because I've got opinions and have been waiting all week to have enough time to unload them! For this specific instance, we have a querent who is asking a question about what happens in the Forgotten Realms (FR) for a town that gets attacked by a dragon. The ...


Thoughts quoted from Someone_Evil on a different post I am going to quote the entirety of the following answer, even if it doesn't all strictly apply here: It is site practice to delete unsupported answers Admittedly it's never really documented/discussed on it's own, but mostly in the discussions around fun ...


Deletion is entirely inappropriate Deleting answers has historically been, and should continue to be, reserved for truly egregious cases. When it says “Not an Answer,” that is very literal—it is for cases where the Answer in question is literally not an answer at all, to anything, but instead is another question, or some kind of commentary, or otherwise ...


To me, the answer fell into a pit that we usually close the question for: Idea generation. It might have tried to sail the good subjective bad subjective cliff if it had made proper references, but it did not even back up the basic ideas it prompted, making it pretty much an answer without any substance that proposed something that didn't even match up on a ...


Yes, it doesn't answer the question - not even as a frame challenge The answer itself is a good attempt at a theoretical question regarding how a populace could defend itself in an actual battle - but that isn't the question asked. N.B. I was the editor who worked with OP to update their question. While the question originally was targeted more towards an ...


Undelete, add the post notice, and delete later if the post is not improved. Want to improve this post? Add citations from reputable sources by editing the post. Posts with unsourced content may be edited or deleted. You left out a reason for deletion that we use on the stack. Unsupported answers may be deleted. But you are right, we were hasty in deletion,...


I support this change, on RPG SE probably more than any other site I am on. This is a change that won't affect most of the site. First questions often go without an accepted answer, and second most of the accepted answers also have the most votes. Of the 25 most recently active questions with accepted answers, none of them do not have the most votes on the ...

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