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A curious point of error can be the WoD/CoD mismatch, where players might assume the two share more rules than they do - and give advice based on the wrong system. Without pointing a finger, I have seen this at least twice.


I linked a couple in one of my answers here on one of the iterations of the "don't guess the system" question. One was a Dungeon World question people mistook for D&D 5E, another was a Genesys question people mistook for D&D 5E. People, plural. They were both system-tagged at the time, as was this question about changing armor during combat ...


It's trivially editable-- instead of asking where it should ask how, the answer to which is probably 'go to such and such a site', but that's allowed.


It is off topic on because recommendation/shopping questions are off topic -game-recs, but also tool and resource and site recs. See Are tool recommendation questions on topic? We have a list of forums on Meta because it’s off-topic for the main site as a rec question, but we felt having a “where to go when you get told to go to a forum” list was ...

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