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Yes. If they all ask the same, they are the same and thus dupes.


Questions 1 and 2 are identical Question 1, "Can you attack with more than one weapon when using Extra Attack?" asks: When one uses the Extra Attack class feature, must it be done with only one weapon? Question 2, "Can you attack with different weapons using Extra Attack?" asks: Assuming I am holding two different weapons, [...] can I attack once ...


I would say reopen #1 and leave #2 and #3 as is. I believe you were correct with your interpretation as mentioned in the "rereading" paragraph. However #3 is attempting to clarify if the damage from AoA is only valid with the THP granted by AoA or if it works with any THP.


I think it should be left as-is. The answer to #2 is correct for #1 and for #3.

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