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Tool questions are no longer on-topic Per this question, tool questions were deemed to be off-topic Are tool recommendation questions on topic? As such a question about LARP Apps no longer would be a valid question to ask on the site, hence the historical lock. I agree it should be deleted. I agree that the question as-is should probably be removed ...


It can probably go. After recommendation requests were (re)made off-topic, it was standard operating procedure to close and lock them when they were bumped or otherwise discovered in the course of using the site. We didn’t want old off-topic posts showing up on the front page every time someone corrected a typo, but we also didn’t want to actively go hunt ...


The mod team is on board with the arguments people have made here for deleting the question. We've also verified the question is in fact taking up a priority SEO spot despite the app being defunct. The question has been deleted now.

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