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Asking about "mooning"

Whether it belongs on Stack Exchange is a normative question rather than a legal one, but my personal opinion is that the linked question is acceptable. The Question includes some discussion of the ...
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Asking about "mooning"

I think this is fine As stated in the original question's comments and cited in this meta question, we have previously permitted questions which involve rude gestures the likes of which would only fly ...
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What is the most efficient way to flag to remove a post from the HNQ?

Moderators can remove posts from the HNQ It's a two-click process, easy as pie. So flag the post "in need of moderator intervention" and explain what you find problematic about its being ...
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Why was a comment about etymology removed?

All comments are subject to deletion, by design. Naturally, I cannot comment on the exact reason your particular comment was deleted, since I neither know what it said, nor have the button to delete ...
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Has site-wide quality drastically improved while our analytics are in freefall?

Not necessarily. The apparent drop in traffic is an artifact of how cookies for Google Analytics are categorized On the 10th of May 2022, the cookies used by SE were changed. As a result Site traffic ...
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2022: a year in moderation

2021 vs. 2022 Comparison for RPG.se Meta posts: 2017 stats 2018 stats 2019 stats 2020 Stats 2021 Stats SEDE Queries: Total number of questions, answers per year Comments per year
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