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13 votes

Why there is no notification for getting a downvote?

This feature has been requested before on the network meta: Display lost/negative reputation in topbar achievements. Despite the obvious support from the community (given the score), it was declined ...
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Is there any kind of notification mechanism to let me know when my comments are deleted?

The simple answer to the question is "No." There isn't a feature to indicate comments being deleted. I doubt SE/SO will want to spend the time and effort on that tool since comments are not what is ...
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8 votes

Is there any kind of notification mechanism to let me know when my comments are deleted?

I flagged your comment as too chatty, and a moderator followed up by deleting it. From my memory and yours, your comment was (quotes included): "Have you stopped beating your wife?" The wife-...
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6 votes

Does editing in @User into a comment still ping that user?

Yes, editing in a @mention pings the user After a brief test in the comments of this question I can confirm that editing in an @mention does ping the user following the edit.
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5 votes

Does Editing a Comment with a Ping in it Re-Ping the Mentioned User?

It will not re-ping From our experiment in the comments on this question, and from my own experience of using the site; editing comments will not refresh the notification from a mention. If a user is ...
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Why does the "question edited" notification redirect to the Desktop website even when on mobile?

There is no mobile version of that page. There's a lot of site functionality that doesn't have mobile versions. This isn't the most commonly used page, so it's not really a big deal.
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