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Should there be more requirements for some privileges than just reputation?

First, this is a fairly non-productive place to ask this question: privileges are handled network-wide, so Meta Stack Exchange is the better place to ask it. There doesn’t appear to be any previous ...
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Can a new user answer to comments under their own question?

Users can always comment on their own questions and answers regardless of reputation, see the end note of this meta.SE post.
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Should there be more requirements for some privileges than just reputation?

You are not required to use all community privileges SE does not pay you, nor any of us who participate and who fulfill a variety of the "community mod" functions. You are thus under no burden to do ...
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9 votes

How can one person close a question?

There are two groups that can unilaterally close a question: Diamond moderators. Users with a gold badge for a tag on the question can close it as a duplicate. (dnd-5e gold badge holders, in this ...
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What privileges, exactly, come with tag badges?

Bronze and silver tag badges confer no privileges. If you have a gold tag badge then you earn some privileges related to duplicate closures. The Dupehammer: When a question has your gold-badge tag, ...
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When should I vote to undelete an answer?

It’s kind of like how the privilege to unhold/reopen works: “should this be on hold? I don’t think it should be; I’m voting to reopen.” The undelete privilege is the same: vote to undelete when you ...
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Why am I suddenly being notified of privileges?

See here: New onboarding for review queues From the question: We are also showing a popover to users who earned access to review queues in the past, but have never done a review or haven't reviewed ...
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How can one person close a question?

From Increase close vote weight for gold tag badge holders The rules are: You can instantly close as a duplicate any question that was originally asked with a tag you have a gold badge for. ...
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