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Make a generalized question with a canonical answer, then link all new questions of this type to it. I think that this is typically what's done about these sorts of things, and evidently small variations of this question keep getting asked regarding different class/level combinations - so I'd suggest to make a single generalized version of this question ...


I dropped it as a comment, and then in chat, but really it should be an answer. Be warned: I'm suggesting we do a little bit of work, at the same time as I'm overloaded with some wfh/homeschooling things and don't know that I'll actually be able to help out! Post a "I need help quickly transitioning to online because of CoViD19/pandemic restrictions. Where ...


Separate argument from explanation. The question contains two things: one is a completely valid question with explaining how this became to be an issue, the second is an answer to the question that builds an argumentative structure that answers the issue. You should separate the argument from the explanation. The difference is in the intent: an argument ...


I have made a suggestion on how they ought to improve the first screen that a new user sees. Here, if any of you want to add anything. I'd like us to do that here as well.

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