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How to improve/maintain the quality-of-life of small fandoms in the face of a dominant big fandom on an open Stack Exchange?

Be the small-games advocate on-stack you want to see on-stack D&D is overwhelmingly represented on the site, but I don't believe it's a result of any artificial mechanism to monopolize the stack ...
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How does one build enough reputation to respond to threads?

The Stack Exchange model is very different from that of discussion boards. We don't really do discussions here. Instead, the whole thing is focused on (hard) questions and direct answers to those ...
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Does a suspended user still gain or lose rep for votes cast on their Q&As while they are suspended, after the suspension ends?

Since account suspensions aren't a Role-playing-Games-Stack-Exchange exclusive feature the answer can be found on this Meta Stack Exchange question, along with a full explanation of what a suspension ...
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What does it mean when it says I need “50 reputation” to comment?

Reputation is the site's “fake Internet points” system. It is earned by contributing to the site in positive ways, which are primarily asking good questions and writing good answers about roleplaying ...
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Why does downvoting hurt my reputation (but upvoting does not help it)?

Downvoting is disincentivised (it's not just you), and that's deliberate. The help page on downvotes says this: “Voting down answers is not something we want you to take lightly, so it is not ...
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Why deleting a bad question/answer doesn't return reputation points?

Downvotes on questions don't take rep from the voter. Deleted answers do restore rep lost from downvotes for both the poster and the voter, though it happens rather quietly. You should see a green +1 ...
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Congratulations for reaching 100k reputation points, Thomas Markov!

Thanks RPG.SE I want to apologize for being so slow to respond to this, I do appreciate the shout out. More importantly, I want to thank this community. RPG.SE has ignited a passion in me for tabletop ...
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Downvoting first questions - can we be more welcoming?

"We" apparently can't, but individuals can. On a given occasion, any individual who provides close votes, down votes, or comments on a new user's question can choose to engage in a warm and ...
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Downvoting first questions - can we be more welcoming?

I wonder - would it be effective to "shield" new members from reputation hits based on downvotes of their first question? Give them a little extra grace to work out what we're about here before ...
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How to improve/maintain the quality-of-life of small fandoms in the face of a dominant big fandom on an open Stack Exchange?

Ask questions about non-D&D games you're interested in Answer questions about non-D&D games you're interested in Contribute answers without "D&D bias" to more general questions as well, ...
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Are un-upvotes lowering the rep ceiling?

Unupvotes aren't counted as part of the day they happened In short, unupvotes are treated as though the upvote never happened. That means technically the rep loss happened to a previous day. However, ...
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How can I have more year reputation than total reputation?

You've offered bounties totalling 200 reputation. That's reputation you've earned and is thus counted in your yearly gain. The reputation leagues also don't count the association bonus. This means ...
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Is there a way to find out which user was removed, and when are their votes reverted?

No, and please don't try to There shouldn't be any easy way for a non-moderator to determine which user was removed. With some investigation it might be possible to determine it but I'd discourage you ...
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Why is my meta rep briefly different from my normal rep?

The reputation on Meta is only updated once an hour. See for example My “Meta” rep on Photo.SE differs from my main rep on MSE. The highest answer links to "What is Meta?" in the Help Center, which ...
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Strange reputation behaviour

Almost certainly nothing odd happening there. It got edited, which bumped it back to the front page. When this happens to a question, it generally gets some eyes on it which haven't seen it before, ...
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Incorrect filtering of rep events when unfolded

This problem has been reported on Meta.SE, and can be reproduced by generating a sufficiently large (~10) number of rep events over a time period of ~1 hour. The bug has not been fixed as of July ...
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Why do reputation changes listed in the "Time" view on the profile page view show large values?

This is not caching but a bug with the display of scores. The easiest way to see it show up is when there is new activity on the votes. Note the yellow highlight in the reputation event - that means ...
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How to improve/maintain the quality-of-life of small fandoms in the face of a dominant big fandom on an open Stack Exchange?

Lobby to restore game recommendation questions Yes, that is something that you can do. No, it won't be easy. Change never is. How to improve/maintain the quality-of-life of small fandoms in ...
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What does it mean when it says I need “50 reputation” to comment?

The Stack Exchange network has a reputation system, and you acquire privileges based on how much reputation you have. In particular, commenting on anyone's post requires having that privilege, which ...
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Why are featured questions not actually featured?

First, realize that this is fundamentally the wrong place for this discussion–this is a network-wide feature, and RPG will not be getting special behavior. In fact, RPG—along with nearly the entire ...
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Downvoting first questions - can we be more welcoming?

One if the biggest things to remember is that down voting is only seen as a negative thing. There have been many posts discussing this already, across lots of the stacks sites, about dealing with ...
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Strange reputation behaviour

Just in case I've just checked in on our tools for spotting strange voting behaviour and there's nothing weird going on. I agree with Miniman, your question just got new attention from being bumped ...
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What's required to create a tag synonym?

This looks like a hamster thing. I've just now suggested it as a synonym myself just to check it had nothing to do with the hotdq tag not existing. You do have an answer score of 5 in the tag and meet ...
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