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Disclaimer since there seems to have been some confusion: yes, the proof of concept is fairly ugly. That doesn't matter, it's just a proof of concept - it doesn't have to look nice, just prove that the styling is possible. For a real theme, obviously, more effort than the 15-30 minutes of work I spent on the POC is required to get it done properly. Proof of ...


RPG SE is almost-certainly one of those sites that “would require redoing the artwork completely” Our banner includes material that probably cannot be “automagically” converted to a darker background. It includes gradients that fade into the light site background, and which will probably not “just work” against a dark background. The gradients use ...


Yes, I want dark mode on RPG.SE I don't really have anything else interesting to say, nor do I have any knowledge about what it takes to implement it. I'm leaving this answer to simply measure support for "Yes, I want dark mode".

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