Make [ancestries] a tag synonym to [races] The races tag we currently define as: For questions about races, a term used to delineate creatures encountered in a game world, often but not always sentient. Examples include humans, orcs, green dragons, kzinti, and griffins. While the real-world terms have different definitions, the game term "ancestry&...


Yes, the arcane-focus tag should be renamed to spellcasting-focus The arcane-focus tag seems to be narrowly scoped to focus (heh) on one particular type of spellcasting focus that exists in at least some versions of D&D and Pathfinder. However, there doesn't seem to be a particular need for such a specific distinction between arcane focuses and other ...


We already have this. As pointed out by Ilmari Karonen, we already have this. I need to make sure none of my user scripts on my desktop interfere with it somehow, because I’m quite confident I tested it before asking this question, in order to avoid how silly I look right now.


This should be resolved. Lots more details on what happened and why are available on this answer.


First of all: thanks a lot to everybody for notifying us about this issue. We have been able to reproduce and fix the issue. Please do let us know (in a comment to this answer) if you're still encountering any issues with this.


This has been fixed and is now live across the network. Yesterday we rolled out a behind-the-scenes update to unify how many components across the network are themed. It looks like a slight typo made it into the code that sets visited and hovered link colors, causing them to revert to their default values instead of using the correct values from the site's ...


Thanks for the report - this should be fixed in prod this afternoon Meta Issue: Review queue "First questions" does not show any message when reaching the maximum number of daily votes


This seems to be a recurring event It looks like whatever job is responsible for awarding (and unawarding) tag badges is acting up and reawarding badges to some users. Looking at the recent badges stream for both main and meta (main is presumably cut off due to other earned badges). No points for guessing how I noticed. And again and again on meta. I'll ...


This is now fixed. See here for more info and haiku.


Yes, we should rename it. We are already using it this way, and we should merge it with holy-symbol. Both will be useful synonyms. Using "arcane focus" and "holy symbol" as synonyms keeps current searchability and functionality and expands it.


Call a spade a spade. If a game system is deliberately using a non-dnd term, we should use that as the tag. It's what somebody starting to play pf2e would expect, especially as the change was made deliberately mid-edition. We can update the usages of each tag to point you the right way. Otherwise we might as well tag armour-class as thac0 or weapon-...


Per Marc Gravell's answer to the linked post on MSE: Sorry about that. What happened here: the favorites/ignored feature is implemented client-side; a UI tweak changed the DOM in a way that broke the jQuery selector, meaning that it no longer found the tag data. I've put a PR together that fixes this - we'll get it deployed as soon as we can (after ...

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