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I don't think we should. There's a few reasons. We're still in a mess with designer reasons: lots of people are over-sensitive to determining a question is designer reasons, but really the only thing that wasn't working is “explain to me their thought process behind why they did that.” The mod team has had to reopen a lot of questions incorrectly caught ...


As you found in comments, there's only three places we can edit in the tour: the blurb at the start, the sample question, and the on-topic/off-topic lists. This doesn't fit into any of those. I'll caveat this by bringing to attention that this isn't about tags per se, it's just about having system information. Expressing that in a title or the body is just ...


The [about] quick link goes to the tour.


It is the answer the OP considers the best, that helps them the most with their problem. That does not mean it is the objectively best one. Feel free and vote for the answer(s) you like. However, the accepted answer is at the OP’s sole discretion and it can’t be “appealed.” We get flags with people saying “they accepted answer X but I think it’s wrong!” ...


As far as I can tell, comment shortcuts have been around since basically forever. The [tour] link got added sometime soon before June 6, 2014 (officially confirmed on June 11†), a short while after our About page instead became a Tour, and references to it got renamed accordingly over the next few months. Before then, however, we used [about] to ...


What we should probably do is deal with the answer post's content issue, either by deleting it, editing it to be minimally complete, or converting it to a comment. Aside, this is a great example of why answers need to be complete answers on their own — they won't always be shown with other posts the way the answer-writer sees them.


Do it in a similar way of Game recs. In the section "Before you ask your question, though, consider the following:", we have the following statement about game recommendation: If you're looking for a game mechanic or technique that does thing X, ask for how to do X, not for "games that have X". Asking for a game, or a list of games, is a ...


Diamond moderators can edit three parts of the tour: The summary of what the site is about. The sample question the tour uses. The “Ask about...” and “Don't ask about...” lists. Our citation guidelines don't fit into any of these. There's a lot of information our tour doesn't include; it's just a quick overview of how Stack Exchange Q&A functions for ...


[tour] now also links to the tour.


The difficulty with the Tour is that it is trying to do two contrary things: Show the sort of posts communities are looking for and Fit in a relatively small vertical space. As you've mentioned, we prefer long answers and not short ones. This is especially true on sites where one liner code examples don't exist. Now I've expanded the restriction to allow ...


After some investigation it turns out there is one question I can choose that actually works well for the tour: Are Hags Fey or Fiends? With this question chosen the tour will present the stronger of the two answers at the top, one with a clear citation and quote. Hopefully this makes for a positive influence. I'm still not totally happy with that tour ...


We can't do anything about it From mxyzplk's comment from GreySage's answer: We can’t [modify the hover text], as we can’t edit any other automated text on the site except one small part of the help center. And from doppelgreener's answer to a different question about the tour: We can't actually edit that part of the tour just for this site, so this is a ...


Perhaps we should modify the hover text to read: The question owner accepted this as the best answer for them < time >. or The question owner accepted this as the answer that worked for them < time >. This assumes we can modify such things, and I don't actually know if we can or not


As a new and eager to participate community member, i agree. The system right now is deferring the task of teaching this and other simple concepts to us new members to a reactive rather than proactive process. I'm sure we can do better. The system right now forces retroactive editing and therefor discourages newcomers, in my opinion.

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