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What to do when a new user creates a second account to edit "their" question?

We don't need to do anything else. We could but we have no reason to so we don't want to. There's no problem here, so there's no need to try and figure out a solution. What should happen, if the edit ...
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9 votes

Why does this old user have an unclickable profile, yet retain the profile name by their posts?

Note the date. There was a time way back that user names were not anonymized on deletion. That looks to have been added sometime post this user being deleted. Relevant stack meta Why is this non-...
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6 votes

Problem with Accounts. Please Advise

Mods can't merge accounts We can't fix this for you, because account merging is a power that SE doesn't give to moderators. Account merges can only be done by SE employees. To ask for an account merge ...
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5 votes

Disassociating account from the rest of SE network

It is possible to hide stacks so that they don't show up on your profile for other stacks or your general network profile. This link should take you to the options page for doing so; I believe hiding ...
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4 votes

Disassociating account from the rest of SE network

Make another account, and use it instead, for either your gamer or professional persona. The ship's already sailed on your existing content, but there's not all that much there. While there are SE ...
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