It’s corporate boilerplate, yes, but it’s not wrong either. We do take flags seriously — we consider each one on its merits and on its context and take appropriate action. Whether someone gets in trouble for what they wrote is part of “appropriate action”. Taking care of comments that aren’t needed anymore doesn’t get anyone in trouble; taking care of foul ...


You might be using the "mobile" version on your phone The mobile version of the site does not include all the buttons in the top menu: Fortunately the "full version" of the site is responsive and perfectly usable on a phone and includes several additional options (including the review queues): To change to the full version you need to scroll all the way ...


We won’t be changing anything right now The system restrictions around changing this field means that we have no realistic options for changing the tag recommendation text in a way that meets our goals. Our most practical option is to lock one of the tags to [dnd-5e], our primary suspect, but we will be unable to measure whether that has any practical ...


This is one of the loveliest bugs I've ever had the pleasure of reproducing. Go, little KRyan user banner! Go, be free! Wait, he came back! ... He's showing SevenSidedDie's user info the way out! Go, little ones! You can do it!


From Meta SE, reproduced, explained, and fixed here: User card senses danger when chasing tricky "edit tags", runs for dear life. Turns out it was a weird JavaScript/jQuery/CSS interaction bug.


This is not a bug. The navigation is not supposed to show up where you've highlighted; nothing makes it show up there. If you look in the top left you will find a hamburger menu beside the Stack Exchange logo. Click that. That is where you will find the navigation menu now. The hamburger menu appears on phones and narrow windows or when you have chosen to ...


This is deliberate behavior on the part of the system, speaking on the general point. There's two component messages here. The first is, when clicking delete, you're always given a warning about what you're about to delete. The purpose of this message is to help ensure you understand why deletion is typically not recommended. It also is context sensitive, ...


I'm tagging this bug instead of feature-request, but if someone better suited disagrees feel free to re-tag. Sometimes there's disagreement about the distinction between those two, but readable text is a feature that can be expected by default, so bug is just fine in this case :) Fixed now, thanks.

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