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Eek! A troll in the Stack! What do I do?

You may have met a troll (intentional or not). Don't worry, the Stack's got you covered. This is actually really easy: you do nothing. Nothing different to normal, that is. All the habits you've ...
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Congratulations for reaching 100k reputation points, Thomas Markov!

Thanks RPG.SE I want to apologize for being so slow to respond to this, I do appreciate the shout out. More importantly, I want to thank this community. RPG.SE has ignited a passion in me for tabletop ...
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How can we effectively measure user retention?

It's possible to get at this kind of information with StackExchange Data Explorer. When users sign up, how many of them come back? This query computes the proportion of users active in the last 365 ...
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Why does this old user have an unclickable profile, yet retain the profile name by their posts?

Note the date. There was a time way back that user names were not anonymized on deletion. That looks to have been added sometime post this user being deleted. Relevant stack meta Why is this non-...
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How can we effectively measure user retention?

Sure! So, we're not free to share the specifics of the diamond moderator version of the site analytics with the public. And beyond that, we don't have a specific "bounce rate" metric. What I can ...
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