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Is this question about throwing hammers off-topic as a "campaign research" question?
6 votes

Sometimes areas of Stack Exchanges will overlap and that is okay. The linked question is a question about how to use history to depict to players of an rpg the verisimilitude of throwing a hammer (an ...

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Downvoting answers not fitting an edited question anymore?
5 votes

Downvotes and Upvotes are a means to ordering the list of answers, not a reward or a punishment. If an answer no longer fits a question due to editing, that is exactly the same as an answer that ...

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Are 'fluff' setting related questions relevant?
4 votes

Roleplaying Games Are Their Own Context There are meta considerations in terms of setting-creation if you are going to set loose a bunch of PCs in it. Assumptions and best-practices that are ...

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How can we make D&D Next a home run for RPG.SE?
4 votes

Cross-post. I'm sure most gamers have no idea this place exists. Large online DnD communities exist, answering questions in threads there by linking here will vastly increase user uptake. Since the ...

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What do we do when a question is covered as a subset of another, but the answers are insufficient for answering the special case?
1 votes

What do we do when a question is asked that is obviously covered as a subset of an existing question, but the answers are insufficient for answering the special case? Answer it. In terms of acting as ...

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Can non-open-license rules be discussed, or not?
-1 votes

Yes and No While it is legally fine in most countries, even the copyright-paranoid US, to quote parts of copyrighted products under fair use, a significant number of long-term high-volume users of ...

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